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Saturday, January 10, 2009 SEGMENT #2
Moving Your Aging Parents
Jacqueline is the author of “Elder Rage.”

Whether we are whittling down to the essentials for a parent moving into a few rooms or downsizing for ourselves, making decisions based on health and safety alone could have devastating emotional and spiritual consequences. This hope-filled book will show you how to:

  • Identify needs and desires to create a quality life
  • Cope with Depression Era mind-set
  • Create emotionally sustaining environments to feed the soul
  • Ready and sell the family home
  • Ask the RIGHT questions to help divest of treasures
  • Manage your energy and spirit throughout the process

Experts' Acclaim for Moving Your Aging Parents

“Moving Your Aging Parents is a creative and inspiring godsend for helping Mom and Dad transition to the next phase of life. Nancy shows us how to heal ourselves, talk to each other, make plans, organize, pack, move, and create a new home and life to thrive ¾ not merely survive. Valuable for caregivers, healthcare professionals, and seniors interested in aging with independence, dignity and grace.”

—Jacqueline Marcell,
author Elder Rage, host Coping With Caregiving radio show

“Nancy Wesson has tackled successfully one of the most difficult areas of caring for aging parents: helping them retain a sense of their own space and their own place. Her practical, do-able approach will help baby boomers avoid mistakes and make their parents feel at home wherever they may be. As a veteran of 12 years of parent care, I recommend this book highly.”

—Jim Comer,
author When Roles Reverse: A Guide to Parenting Your Parents

“Moving Your Aging Parents is an excellent guidebook for anyone who is engaged in the process of orchestrating the downsizing and relocation of another human being, whether a parent (the actual subject of this book), another loved one, or even themselves.  The author has drawn widely from respected experts in a diverse field of disciplines, and has truly created a reference book for managing environment to create a special place of retreat.  The special needs of the aging or disabled are thoughtfully considered, with practical solutions for overcoming barriers related to diminished hearing, vision, dexterity, strength, ambulation ability, as well as mental capacity and memory. “As a thirty-five year plus veteran of health care practice as a Registered Nurse, specializing in the care of the elderly, I offer my heart-felt endorsement of this excellent book.  It offers concrete plans to follow and emphasizes the emotional and spiritual counterparts that transform seemingly difficult chores into acts of mutual joy, growth, and love.”

—Mary Durfor, Rebecca Reads

“As founder of an integrative health care practice, I specialize in the care of the elderly from a mind, body, spirit perspective. Life transitions management is a large part of this work… Nancy’s approach is both genuine and practical, offering a valuable tool for this very important and often neglected phase of life.”

                   —Chris Holland, PhD, FNP, RN
Contemporary Health Care, Austin, Texas

“…A thoughtful and intelligent guide helpful not only to family members, but anyone involved with their situation. The information in Moving Your Aging Parents is relevant for every relocation regardless of the age or circumstances of the client.”

 —Sally B. Yaryan, Director,
Professional Development & Education,
Austin Board of REALTORS®

“…A poignant, sensitive account…a guidebook not only to the compassionate treatment of elders but also for seniors themselves as they face making choices on their own”

—Diana M. DeLuca, Ph.D.,
author, Seniors Dealing with Life,

“This is a must-read book for anyone helping their aging parents.  Nan-cy Wesson has taken the precepts of Feng Shui, adapted them in wonderful and practical ways and applied them with such deep compassion. Readers will find so many useful tips and strategies and will also learn much more about themselves in the process.”

—Lillian Garnier Bridges,
President, Lotus Institute, Inc.
author Face Reading in Chinese Medicine

“Having just spent a week with my 83 year-old mother, I realized that there were many changes in her life that I was not aware of. Ms. Wesson’s book gave me plenty of ideas of how to approach a move with my mother.  Stubborn as my mom is I was able to handle this with few disagreements.  As an advocate for Concerned Citizens to Protect the Elderly for many years, this is a book I recommended to the committee to get plenty of help for children of the elderly. As a college instructor for nurses, this is a book I put on recommended reading. Thank you Ms. Wesson.”

—Carol Hoyer,  Ph.D. Family Psychology

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